Friday, July 19, 2013

Food Review: Chef Francesca's Cupcakes Couture

Craving for sweets? Let me share my new found sweet tooth hide out. Hihihihi.. I just found out this bakeshop last year when my shift schedule change. It is funny because they're just one step lang from out house and bakeshop na nila. Kung di pa ako nag afternoon shift di ko mapapansin to sa gabi. Hehehe

Ok, their cupcake prices range from 45 to 60 pesos, depend on their flavor. They also have promos like, buy 4 and get 2 cake pops for free etc. They also customize cakes and serve drink for dine in customers. This place is perfect for us, because no need for me to go to the mall and do online order. Whenever I want sweet.. I just go here and grab one.

 Here are some of our favorite cupcakes and sweets. Affordable and perfect for my taste.

I remember buying this for 300 pesos this big.

This is just a few pics that I've posted on my Facebook. All I can say is never look for pretty boxes , taste whats inside of it. Other's kasi they tend to blind you with cute boxes e, kaya andami kong failure on purchasing cupcakes, but not all off them, naman.  So guys, if you're just near Pasig Area, you can drop by at Rosario Pasig just besides Inosencio School.

For more info, just click the link below.
Chef Francesca's Cupcakes Couture - FACEBOOK

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  1. that big cake for 300?? wow! super affordable ha! :)


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