Thursday, November 22, 2012

Artina Suites Hotel Gallery Cafe experience

Like what I have said on my travel blog I'll be posting the food the was served to us during our 2days and 2 nights stay at Artina here at my food blog.

Penne with Crumbled Garlic Sausage and Tomato Ragout with Black Olive Relish - I know the name is so long :) This penne pasta taste so good it has a lot of garlic and you can't even taste them, you can taste the spiciness of the garlic and it blends well with tomato and goat cheese. Sorry for these two picture my i touch doesn't have a good pixel.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ristorate Bigoli at Eastwood Quezon City

If you crave for Italian food and don't like to spend too much? Well, I strong suggest to try Bigoli. This Italian fast food was first introduce to me by my ever loving partner who loves too explore new things :). This is not like those usual  restaurant that you just have to seat and wait for the waiter to take your order. Here, you have to wait on the queue for them to take your order and pay for it. ( Fast food nga e). Here are some of the food we ordered.

Solo Munch