Thursday, September 6, 2012

Johnny Rockets, Eastwood Libis

I'm sorry if its a late post it took me a month again to post something here andike what I've said on my beauty blog, I am getting sick and tired with my stressful and boring work. NO time for my self, family and love life. I hope God will hear me out... Please answer my prayers!!! Anyway, back to my post. 

Their ketchup trade mark!
As all you know Johnny rockets is an international food chain who serve original classic burgers and sandwiches. Eating at Johnny rockets feels like your in the 60's.

Tables, chairs, servings and decorations are so 1960's. Johnny rackets is open 24/7 here in the Philippines and every I pass by their restaurant in Libis I always saw their crew dancing outside their store and due to my curiosity I grab my partner again to try how good their burgers are. :)

Since we are just two, we tried their Bacon Cheddar with unlimited fries... since it is so thick and big we request to cut it into two.

As you can see it has thick bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, onion slice & special sauce....
Their burger is good but I am not a fan of juicy steak for burgers or maybe I am not used to it. This burger cost Php 350 approximately.

My partner decided to try their new All american chicken with out rice, for a change :) And I think this cost Php. 200 approximately.. I cannot really remember their exact price...

 For this chicken all I can say is I don't like their gravy but their chicken is good. :) Fries are perfectly fried!
All in all it's 4.25 for me... great service, good food.

Johnny Rockets
Eastwood Libis
Quezon City


  1. Am I the only one who hasn't tried Johnny Rockets? Haha! :)

  2. I've only eaten at Johnny Rockets once. Although I enjoyed their burgers, unlimited fried and milkshake, prices are quite expensive for a hefty eater like me and the boyf. We spent over a thousand when we ate here, and we didn't order much naman. Will try to pay it another visit soon though :)

  3. Haven't tried Johnny Rockets before but they say it's quite good. Will check this place out when I visit Libis on Friday :)


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