Sunday, August 19, 2012

Koppicino my best buddy in Habagat Days

Two  weeks ago, most of us experience how monsoon Habagat strikes. We got stuck in the house for a week, good thing there's electricity at least we can make calls and text our love ones.  And due to cold weather, Kopiko Koppicino keep me warm and ease my nervous while thinking about what will happen next.

Kopiko Kopiccino cost Php.8.00/sachet but if you'll buy it by 10's this will only cost you Php. 75.00 or Php.77.00.  I am a coffee lover but I seldom buy local coffee especially in sachet because it triggers my hyper-acidity, but with this coffee I never experience that again. Their coffee is not that strong compare to other brands and I love that taste. But I was wondering about the choco granules, I really don't know it's purpose, it taste the same with or without the granules.

I really recommend this coffee, been drinking this for 3 months now. I love drinking this for breakfast and mirienda.

How about you? Have you tasted it?

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  1. Hmm, this is my first time hearing about Koppicino. I am not a fan of hot coffee but I can make an iced coffee with this one. Thanks for sharing! Will surely try it out if I see in in the market.


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