Monday, June 25, 2012

Just tasted new Flavors from Starbucks this June

Two weeks ago my colleague Jeka ask me to taste the new flavored frappuccino of Starbucks. He even sounds like so sure about the good flavors they have this June without even tasting it yet and since I got hypnotized with his words of encouragement I ended up buying it and getting ready with this Challenge.

Hojicha Tea Jelly
HOJICHA - This roasted green tea is extremely popular in Japan. It's low in caffeine with a nutty flavor and

Friday, June 8, 2012

Golf Your Way to Father’s Day at Marriott Manila

This June, we share our own fun way to uniquely indulge every great leader of the family—our dads! At Marriott Manila, we ensure that we’re the perfect venue to celebrate his life and love through golf.

Since it’s another event that deserves a grand blow out, food is always the first thing to consider especially for the man who takes time to enjoy family, hobby, and a good meal of course. If thinking where to eat on his special day, it would be great to consider a venue where dad can enjoy a hole-in-one treat from dining, accommodation, plus his love for golf!

Wake up the whole family a little earlier and head to Marriott Café for a taste of our most-talked about Sunday Brunch. Needless to say, there’s just something so endearing about a brunch especially at Marriott Café which has set the bar on the way we brunch—cozy, comforting, and basically has everything to satisfy an ever-fickle taste

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shobelicious Homemade Cake & Pastries

Photo from Shobelicious
Shobelicious is a Home Based Bakeshop owned by Tin & Bong of Fort Lee, NJ. Shobelicious said that their cakes are made from heaven. Why? that is because of the finest and fresh ingredients they used on their products.

The owner of Shobelicious are pure blooded Pinoy and Tin the person who really loves to cook made these things possible.

They make different variety of cakes, cupcakes and cake pops, you can choose a cake cover like icings or fondant. Ask for a design of your choice and they will

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chicken ni Gen ( Gen's Chicken )

Let me explain to you first why I called this recipe as Chicken ni Gen ( Gens' Chicken ) .

Who is Gen?
  • Gen is one of my Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle blogger friend that I've met in 2011 and because we love to cooked and eat. She ask me to try her experimental recipe for chicken. Check her blog here ( ) . And since we cannot think of any name for this recipe, we just decided to choose he name since It's her creation. So now, here's the recipe.

Serve: 3-4 person
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins

What you need:

1 cloves of Garlic chopped
1/16th of Butter
1/2 kilo chicken thighs, breast etc.
1 tbsp oil
1 knor Chicken cubes
2 tbsp Fish Sauce ( Patis)
1 tbsp Vinegar
Sugar, pepper and cayenne powder to taste

  • In a preheated pan, add butter, oil , garlic & knorr cube until garlic turn to medium brown.
  • Add chicken saute for 5 mins and then add patis,vinegar,sugar,pepper and cayenne powder, saute it again for 1 min and.
  • You will see that the chicken will somehow produce water, wait until it gets dried out then fry your chicken with its own butter and oil, until it turns out like chicken BBQ.
Another yummy & easy recipe for you guys and Thanks to Gen for letting me trying this.