Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spicy Bagnet with Rice

Bagnet is one of the famous ilocano foodie. Bagnet aka Lechon Kawali or pan seared pork technique is to doubled fried the meat to have a the amazing taste and they only choose pork-belly to make it.

Ok so  that's the short trivia about Bagnet and let me share to you the tasty Spicy Bagnet Rice that i bought at Rockwell Business Center food market. I was too hungry waiting for my turn at Medical City and decided to buy food after my check up.

This Spicy Bagnet Rice has a mixture of hotdog, string beans,siling pang sigang and Bagnet, chopped  & saute all together. Wooooh... soooo hot... and i love it. How about you guys? do you have any bagnet experience?


  1. I looooove bagnet pero I don't like spicy food :P

  2. i haven't tasted much bagnet :( pero i want them spicy haha :P

  3. tasted this. Masarap talaga! lalo pag madaming onions on top.. If only there are stalls in malls selling this dish.. ftw


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