Saturday, April 7, 2012

Random Weekend at Happy Lemon and Chowking

Last week March 31 ,me and my love one's decide to watch Hunger Games and spend our day in the mall. The weather is hot, there's nothing to do and being awake in the morning is a big stress for me because i am having a hard time to adjust from having a graveyard shift. Hay.... but it is ok, the most important thing is that i spend the whole day with my love one's and eating the yummy food we love.

I can't stop loving happy lemon and i don'y know why. There's really something with their drinks.

And a Honey Garlic Chicken for lunch at Chowking for 79php not expensive and super yummy. I love the crunchy chicken with honey sauce & toasted garlic :) How about you guys, how is your weekends?


  1. I havn't been to chowking for quite some time now. The chicken looks enticing and unbelievably cheap too. Hope it won't be too sweet for my taste.

  2. sa chowking ba yung parang shake I haven't known that I always eat at chowking

  3. just looking at it makes me feel hungry, ooh, why i so love to eat , the reason i can't stick with my diet.
    Happy eating.

  4. I super love Happy Lemon. Makes we wanna visit them again. Haha!


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