Monday, April 30, 2012

First time to taste Bibingkinitan

This is the 1st time I've tasted bibingkinitan's bibingka :) and i love it. This was actually a gift from Food Asia Corp. when we attend the bloggers event at bar-b-king and they also allow us to experience their new iced coffee.
Php. 20.00 each
Bibingkinitan's main product is their mini bibingka ( kaya nga bibingkinitan diba...) FYI: i know how to cook bibingka and i know how tiring and hard making a bibingka, every December our family never failed to sell bibingka especially if its already simbang gabi ( 9 days series of Masses before Christmas), it is tiring but its fun and after tasting Bibingkinitan's bibingka, i remember my mom.

So this is the one i am talking about, their iced barako for Php.45.00. I never tasted anything like this, i only drink hot barako but this one really taste good. Imagine for 45.00 pesos you can buy a good tasting pinoy coffee. So for those who haven't tried it yet better visit Bibingkitan now....

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bar-B-king Ultimate Grilled Angus Beef Belly

If you are following my blog, you'll know that Bar-b-king is one of my favorite restaurant and having a delicious and affordable food is a MUST eat for me and Bar-b-king is one of those.

Me and my blogger buddies was invited to try their new Grilled Angus Beef Belly and for me to personally meet the owner, but unfortunately i was late ( i hate traffic!!) i missed their introduction and when we arrived, everyone is almost done eating and some of them are already chitchatting.

Here's a brief information about bar-b-king. Bar-b-king is owned and operated by Food Asia Corporation who is behind the success of Bibingkinitan, Fresh Food, The bibingka Cafe and Tea square. Bar-b-king restaurant focus on charcoal-grilled barbecues,so if you love grilled liempo, pork barbecue and grilled fish, better check this restaurant and also if you'll check their store at SM Megamall, it has an outdoor grilled  ambiance you can see how they cooked their food and you can smell the freshly grilled barbecue.

And here is what i am talking about, The ultimate Grilled Agnus Beef Belly. This Angus beef is USDA certifide for only Php. 150.00, it has a thick cut of a beef belly, stir fried carrots & corn, bar-b-gravy and the famous bar-b-rice yum yum yum..... Me and my partner love it and might bring her mom here on mother's day.

Bar-b-king has 5 braches: SM Megamall, SM Makati, SM DasmariƱas, SM Olongapo and SM Rosario and what i've heared they are now into franchising. So for those who haven't tried this yet, better check try it now.

Basement Level, Bldg. B
SM Megamall

Thursday, April 12, 2012

J.CO Donuts & Coffee yum-yum experience

Honestly speaking i wasn't aware that J.CO is already here in the Philippines and we just accidentally found it out yesterday at SM Megamall.

J.CO Donuts and Coffee was originated first at Jakarta Indonesia in 2005 and they have a lot of stores in Malaysia, Singapore, China and now in the Philippines. There's a lot of pinoy travellers out there who've tasted it already and i think they are very happy to hear that J.CO is now  here in the Philippines.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spicy Bagnet with Rice

Bagnet is one of the famous ilocano foodie. Bagnet aka Lechon Kawali or pan seared pork technique is to doubled fried the meat to have a the amazing taste and they only choose pork-belly to make it.

Ok so  that's the short trivia about Bagnet and let me share to you the tasty Spicy Bagnet Rice that i bought at Rockwell Business Center food market. I was too hungry waiting for my turn at Medical City and decided to buy food after my check up.

This Spicy Bagnet Rice has a mixture of hotdog, string beans,siling pang sigang and Bagnet, chopped  & saute all together. Wooooh... soooo hot... and i love it. How about you guys? do you have any bagnet experience?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Random Weekend at Happy Lemon and Chowking

Last week March 31 ,me and my love one's decide to watch Hunger Games and spend our day in the mall. The weather is hot, there's nothing to do and being awake in the morning is a big stress for me because i am having a hard time to adjust from having a graveyard shift. Hay.... but it is ok, the most important thing is that i spend the whole day with my love one's and eating the yummy food we love.