Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food trip: Ling Nam

I was wondering why since February ling nam in fontera verde never opens ? hmmmm?.

 Every pay day me and my partner never failed to eat at any fine dining restaurant or even try food that we haven't tasted yet, we are doing this as our stress reliever from work and one of them is ling nam. The first food that i tasted form them is there pansit.

Pancit MIKIBIHON !!! I really recommend their pancit and thanks to Nurse MJ  my previous colleague who treat us with Pancit ( Pampahaba ng buhay ), their makibihon has a different kick for me, that's why i decided to visit there restaurant to taste their food.


Black Gulaman

Sweet and sour pork
When is saw their menu, i took me 10 min to decide what to eat, i cannot choose and because there's no waiter available to ask about their best seller, that's why we ended up eating these, same old same old chinese dishes. All i can say is, i still love their pansit and i still prefer Chowking's black gulaman.  Well i should try their other food because my taste with tapsilog is really different and  like Tapsilog made local TAPSILOGAN.

Happy Food Tripping!!!!!


  1. try their mami and siopao sis! :)

  2. I haven't been to Ling Nam yet, but I think my parents brought us some food items from Ling Nam na before.. :D Everything looks so delish!


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