Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Magnum Experience

Like what i said on my 1st post about Magnum Classic, i'll be trying the 2 remaining flavor of Magnum ice cream. Since me and partner curiosity won't stop about magnum, she tried to grab 2 different flavors at 711.

Magnum Almond - I like this, i love the taste of almond, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
Magnum Chocolate Truffle - taste like dark chocolate in short i don't like it.

These two ice cream cost 55php in 711, but you know what in Cebu, you can only buy these for as low as 20php, grabe... i don't know if its true but i had a friend who lives in Cebu who juts recently posted it in FB that this is for 20php only. Can some one please tell me if this is true????

I love the marketing strategy of Magnum, almost everyone in Ortigas is eating these, but i was wondering if they will last until the end of summer.

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  1. weeeehhhhh 20 pesos lang??? so mura naman! i doubt it if it costs that much. baka ibang brand yun... LOL... by the way, i like the classic flavor among the three. almond flavor is too sweet kasi.


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