Sunday, February 12, 2012

Food Trip: TGI Fridays Valentines Dinner

Ow yes we really have our dinner date at TGI Fidays in Robinson's Galleria. It was suppose to be a group dates with our BFF's and i don't know what hit there heads and decide not to go. Any way. After deciding on what shelves to buy, we end up buying clothes at St. Francis and some earrings from F21 which i posted here.

And for you information this is the first time i ate at TGI Fridays. So let me tell you my yummy experience. We order Jack Daniels Baby Back Ribs with Fries and Shrimp. I was expecting a different taste but i got disappointed after tasting it, the first thing that hits my mind is BIGBY's and Burgoo's. I love the other two's rib flavor than this one, but their shrimp taste better than the two.

me loves cooking

This platter cost Php. 935.00 which really cost a fortune and Bigby's ribs is much better that this. That's why instead of us ordering other dishes,  we just decided to stay long and have a chit chat. But at least we've tasted and wil not gonna go back here again and waiters their are not friendly.

This is just my opinion based on my experience. But this store has allot of customer and i bet allot of people really love their food and  maybe the taste of their food is not really my type. That's all ...


  1. I haven't eaten at TGI Fridays yet.. >.< But most of my friends like eating there. I'll ask what food they usually get 'cause I don't want to end up paying a fortune for mediocre-tasting food.

  2. That's true. I should make a research muna before eating anything. Para masatisfy talaga ang tummy.


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