Saturday, February 4, 2012

Food Trip: SUTUKIL Cebu

SUTUKIL - Sugba ( grill ) , Tuwa ( dishes with soup ) , Kilaw ( raw style serving ) .  This is one of the famous eating destination in Mactan Cebu and this is so near Mactan shrine. Our friends sha told us about this, that's why before going to Mactan Airport, we decided to take our lunch here.

We cannot choose which SUTUKIL to try since there's 4 restaurant who's serving this. Instead we Choose freds sutukil, since they have a nice place and ambiance.

At first you have to choose which fish you want and then you will decided whether you want, grilled, with soup or just service it as raw. I don't know how they will service it as raw since i cannot see any sushi on their list.

Look how many fresh fish are there. Good thing our friends are here and they can choose what better fish to eat. Hehehehe..
Clam with soup

Chopsue de Cebu
Spicy garlic shrimp

I definitely forgot to take a picture of the Calamares that we ordered maybe because i was busy eating that time. Hehehehe... And like what i said before, we will still go back to cebu and will explore more and more.

Hope you like it guys.


  1. look so refreshing and delish


  2. Better try there sis..once you visit cebu

  3. Wow, I love Sutokil, Very sumptuous.  Sarap naman ng Spich garlic shrimo na yan..:)

  4. Aaaaaaah.... now you're making me crave for Filipino food! <3 I'd do anything to be in Cebu! I haven't been here :(

  5. I miss Cebuuuuu! and i missed that resto. i will surely take note of that when i get back to Cebu! :)

  6. Nakakagutom naman! Ang sasarap ng mga food esp ung spicy garlic shrimp. :)

  7. Jennifer Adams JuanJune 26, 2012 at 10:59 AM

    This was what Peter and I missed when we went to Cebu early this month! Sayang. Next time, I'll visit this place na talaga. :)


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