Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yummy Experience in Cebu 2012

Hello guys... I really miss blogging. Been busy again with work and vacation. I just got my 3 days vacation in Cebu, but i am so bitin. 3days is not enough. So for today i would like to share to you some of the yummy food that you can buy in Cebu. Here are some of it.

The ever famous OTAP from Shamrock. Php. 40.00

Peanut Kisses. Actually this is made from Bohol, but you can also buy this in Cebu and Tacloban for Php. 10.00

Cebu Longganisa aka CHORIZO. I order Chorizo from a friend in Cebu for Php.35.00 for 12 pcs. 

The super famous Danggit. I bought 100 grams of unsalted danggit for Php. 50.00, Tocino Fish Php. 33.00, Dilis for Php. 30.00, Dried Pusit for Php. 60.00

These are  the only few yummy foodies, we tried and bought from Cebu. After this post i will share to you the 2 restaurants that we tried in Cebu. Till the next post.

For the cute stuff that i bought from Cebu, i fyou want to check it out just click here.

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  1. hi... my friend will be in Cebu this August and I asked her if she can buy me chorizo. Pde rin ba kami makaorder ng chorizo sa friend mo? I fear na bka nilangaw langaw na yung nabibili sa palengke... though not sure naman din kasi i have never been to Cebu pa... someday kasi I really want to visit the Sto Nino Shrine.

    thanks so much


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