Monday, January 30, 2012

Food Trip: Laguna Garden Cafe Cebu

On our 2nd night at Cebu we decided to eat dinner at Ayala Center Cebu after our Regency tower trip. Ayala Center Cebu is so big and we are having a hard time to choose a restaurant since it was Sunday and allot of Resto in the terrace are fully occupied. So we decided to eat at Laguna Garden Cafe.

Laguna Garden Cafe serves most of the Filipino dishes and this restaurant really attract foreigners , especially those filipino who came abroad and misses eating Pinoy food. So here some of the food we ordered. I definitely forgot to take a picture of their fresh lumpiang ubod, but rest assure it really taste good, promise....

Ensalada: Chopped green Mango , white onion and shrimp paste. The only that i don't like about it is their shrimp paste, taste like fresh.

Crab Halabos: steamed crab. I don't what happen but it looks like the crack has been murdered. LOL...

Fish fillet with garlic sauce. I definitely forgot the name of the fish but what i remember is the taste, it is really fresh.

Shrimp with garlic sauce. This is one of my favorite and good thing most of them has a shrimp allergy, that's why it gave me a opportunity to eat them all.. Lol.

For those who want to visit Cebu and if you are looking for a fine dining. Better check this one out. Till the nest post.

The Terraces
Cebu Business Park
Ayala Center Cebu
Cebu City, Philippines


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