Thursday, January 5, 2012

Food Trip: Good Burger is super love

What is Good Burger? Good Burger is the name of a Burger store who serve chicken and vegetable patties only. It is a small store along C5 Pasig Area. Good Burger was first introduce to me by our team leader, we walk for 5mins and cross the bridge just to buy a Burger. ( Lakas Tama lng) At first, i was thinking that it is not worth to walk for 5 mins just to buy a burger, but i was wrong. Their burger is ooolalala!!!

This picture above is what they called Persian Burger this only cost me Php.80.00

And this burger is what they called Bacon Mozza Melt for Php100.00 . The strip that you see on the side is there Vegetables strips, that cost 35php/small bag . Hihihi, so cheap right. There allot of travels who really stop to their shop just to buy their amazing burger. Their price is depending on their sauce flavor and burger size, whether you want a GOOD, BETTER or BEST ( Double Pattie).  So if you haven't tried this yet, just drop by to these location or even order over the phone.

C5 Pasig: 105 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, C5 Pasig
Tel. No.: 6714242

Tel. No.: 6364663

Tel. No.: 3454442

Tel. No.: 4354663

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  1. This is really yummy, try it!

  2. hi sis... im your new follower here! hehe! i like this blog!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  3. This looks yummy :) I'm interested to try the Persian burger.. :D

  4. I love burgers, and this one is added now to my list, to try...Thanks for sharing! 
    Followed you already, hope you return the

  5. I wanna try it. I love burgers :D


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