Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jannah's Pili tart

I just wanna share to you this yummy pili tart. I love tart and i love Pili nuts and this is the first time i taste a good and not so hard to eat pili tart. And thanks Jacq for promoting this product to us.

PILI NUTS came feom a Pili trees are attractive symmetrically shaped evergreens, averaging 20 m tall with resinous wood and resistance to strong wind. C. ovatum is dioecious, with flowers borne on cymose inflorescence at the leaf axils of young shoots. - as per wikipedia

Sorry for that, i just need to copy the meaning in wiki.
Last weekends we got this yummy pili tart from Jacq and this one was made by her friend as well. Pli tart is one of the famous pasalubong / delicacies here in the Philippines and there's allot of sweets that can be made with Pili nuts.

What i like about Jannah's pili tart, it has a thin crust and its is so crunchy and it is not hard to eat. The tart has full of creamy, sweet filling inside and the Pili nuts really blends well with its cream. 

I really recommend their tart, and you can also give this on these coming holiday season. This only cost us 250php for the whole pack and the whole has 50pcs of Pili tart. I might buy again and probably give it this as a gift for Christmas. So how about you guys, what is your favorite Filipino sweets?


  1. Ooohh.. This looks so yummy! :) My dad visits Naga every year and he never fails to bring us pili tarts, pili nuts and other pili goodies as pasalubong.. ^^ For Filipino sweets though, as much as I love pili, I still prefer banana chips, cassava cake and buko pie :D

  2. I love cassava and buko pie too... 

  3. wow..this looks so yummy.....following u on visit mine when u hav time :-)

  4. I love these tarts & glazed pili nuts too :)

  5. Wow! I agree with this review. I never knew this got popular. We are selling this very brand of pili tart with a cheaper price.

    Email me if you want to order! :p

  6. Was it really the exact the same brand of pili tart you are selling? please email me how much

  7. Hi, where can i order? Pls email me @


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