Monday, November 21, 2011

Food Trip : Mang Inasal

I confess i am one of those Mang Inasal lover, the reason why for that is because it is very near in our place in Pasig, if i'm lazy to cook food, we just have go to Mang Inasal to eat and enjoy the grilled chicken and the unlimited rice. 

Mang Inasal is one of the affordable local restaurant that i've been too. There store ambiance is so Pinoy and they even have Sorbetes in their store. As you can see their rice is wrapped with Banana leaf to make it look like so Pinoy and for it to smell good when they serve it. Their chicken i well grilled and i like their chicken, because on how they marinate it, it is so Pinoy.

 They also serve the traditional condiments that we use to dip the chicken before we eat it. But swear to God i haven't taste the chicken sauce, the one in the middle, it is so oily and i can see a whapping cholesterol on it. ( Mahal ko pa buhay ko Lord!!! Matakaw lng ako.) So, for those people who havent taste Mang Inasal chicken yet, just look around your place, swear you will see one. 


  1. I like Mang Inasal too, although my dad told me that they serve better inasal way back than they do now. I'm not sure if all branches do this na, but before daw, they grill the chicken when you order it. Now "daw" they just heat the chicken which was already pre-grilled. But anyway just re-heated or not, they still serve really tasty grilled chicken.. :)

  2. yummy! i miss mang inasal tuloy haha! :)

  3. sarap noh?... sana nga meron nito malapit sa office e...

  4. The mang inasal in our place is just a few steps from my work place; I
    always took my lunch there and they offer a great deal, a buy one take one. I
    like the taste of their chicken and they served it in big portion. Plus,
    you can get a free sinigang soup.  Yummy!

  5. Wow!!! well i havent tried their buy one take one though.. i will go nga there later thanks queen g.


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