Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Food Trip : Gongcha Milk Tea

I know most of you already tried Gongcha tea and i know most of you are going gaga with this, that's why i tried it myself to see why most of you really loves Gongcha tea.

I really don't know where Gongcha's store is located, good things there's one in SM Megamall Altrium. While da is busy looking at the big Christmas design of SM Megamall, i sneak and decide to grab the opportunity to taste Gongcha's tea.

There's allot of tea flavor to choose for and it took me like 5mins to decide what to buy, because i wanna make sure that the drink that i'll be choosing will not waste my money.

While checking on their tea, coffee and milk, i just notice that they have allot of varieties: House Special, Milk Tea, Brewed Tea, Ice Cream Special, Creative Mix, Coffee Special and Pearl Ice. They also provide extra's on their tea, you can add, coffee jelly, beans, ice cream, pearl etc.

I was suppose to add extra's on my tea but i change my mind because i want to taste their tea first before adding extra's on it. What i like about Goncha is that there service is fast and the packaging is nice and its a tea that fit for royalty when i tasted it.

Gongcha is also located in different parts of Asia, Hongkong, Singapore, Taipei, Macau etc. and here in the Philippines they only have it in Manila, mostly in the Malls.

And here is the Matcha Milk tea that i order. What i like about gongcha, they will explain to you whether you want their strong tea or not. And before you pay they will also ask the sugar level of your tea, i choose 50% and 50% for me is still sweet. And my over all rating for Gongcha is 4/5.

So for those who haven't tried this yet, please do so, because their tea is good as well. You can also check their website at http://gongcha.ph .


  1. I love GongCha! :) My all-time favorite is their House Special Milk Wintermelon Tea. You might find it too sweet though since it only comes in full sugar level. I also like their House Special Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly :)

    I've written a blog about Gong Cha too, if you're interested.. ^^

  2. i'm the only person who hasn't tried gongcha. -_- my life sucks! LOL!!!

  3. ieee... i wanna try it. Thanks for this recommendation sis huh... i'll try it and will make a review about it. Thanks again...

  4. Yan din sabi ko sa sarili ko before... LOL

  5. try it and you will surelly love it!

  6. wintermelon milk tea! So good :D


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