Monday, November 21, 2011

Food Review: Manang's Potato Chips

Let me share to you the new Manang's Potato chips. Manang's Potato chip's is made in real potato, it was cut in thin slices and deep fried. The taste is good and its so crunchy when they serve it and dip it on there Garlic Mayo.

Bought this one at Manang's SM Megamall branch for 54php i think?. So for those who haven't tasted this yet, just grab one now.


  1. I'm super late with the buzz about Manang's! >.< I haven't tried their chicken yet, and same for these beautiful potato chips. Natatakam ako! :(

  2. looks yummy sis! kaso haven't tried it. :(

  3. Hihi ok naman siya parang Mojos ang dating...


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