Monday, October 31, 2011

Tealicious at Bubbatealicious

Like what i have told you guys, i love drinking milk tea this year, maybe because its in demand? Hihihi... Bubbatealicious is one of the my favorite and i never fail to buy their tea every time i visit SM Megamall .

I started tasting their tea due to curiosity. I was wondering before why this small booth has allot of customer. People don't mind about the long line and i thought that people just keeps on buying tea from them just to taste it due to their curiosity as well, but i was wrong. Tasting their tea really makes me come back over and over again. Most of the times they close their store as early as 8pm because their items are no longer available. Most people are buying 5 or more tea before leaving the store and that's makes the long a queue. But it think they will be transferring their store to have a big space.

Here is their super affordable price. They serve both milk and fruit tea for everyone. And all items are pearl included, you do have to pay for the pearl anymore. Their flavors might few but i assure you that it really taste good. They are using tea, honey and flavoring that comes with 3 sizes small, medium and large, all well sealed when they serve it to you. And here's is my favorite flavor.

I love their choco milk tea, it really taste good and it is not too sweet. Even-though it has a choco flavor on it you can still taste the tea on it and that's what i like with their product.

For those people who haven't tried it yet, you can check their stall at Building A SM Megamall first floor besides levi's store.

So there you go guys, i just how you like it. Have a happy Halloween guys.


  1. I always see this and yes, there's always a crowd in front of their stall at any given time. I thought they were just curious with how it tastes like, like I am. Thanks for sharing this, Jade! I never knew that good milk tea could be this affordable too. :)

  2. THanks helen. I really recommend their product talaga

  3. oh i miss bubble tea, espesh matcha green tea !! yummy!

    CMPang x

  4. Hi sweetieJ

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  5. I've always loved BubbaTeaLicious' milk teas, even before GongCha and Happy Lemon came, I've been a regular buyer.. :) Just love their milk teas, and it's affordable pa!

    Btw, followed your blog. Hope you can visit mine too! :)

  6. Thanks for dropping by sumi will visit your blog too..


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