Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tea time at Chatime

Hello pips! Sorry for being so lazy posting again. Been busy with my work and been lazy taking pictures. But i already have a list of things to post for me to share it to you. But for the mean time let me just share to you my experience with Chatime while chillin.

Based on my knowledge CHA was derived in a word CHA (eat in chinese) and they attached it with the word TIME, chatime ( eating time? ) or CHATIME ( chaa in tagalog--(tea) time ) hihihi... i don't know. But for me that's the meaning when i first saw this store.

I just noticed that there's allot of tea store who offer the same tea flavor, but on this on, they offer allot of flavors. Not only milk tea but they also offer fruit juice. Here is a small peek of their menu.

 Their menu is written in both English and Chinese. There prices are almost the same of the other tea house in SM megamall, separate fee if you wanna add pearls or different toppings.

I love looking at this thing. I don't know what they call this. But it will light up once your order is done and ready to serve.

But in fairness with their service, they are fast. though there space is small and they only have 2 tables i think on their waiting area. But it is ok still, since people keeps on visiting their store just to buy a tea.

And before i forgot they also serve hot tea and coffee for those sleepy heads. And here is the milk tea that i order.

I order the chatime roasted milk tea and it taste ok for me. I ask my daughter to taste it but she don't like it. This one cost me 85php for the tea and 25php for the pearl. Amazing right?

For those milk tea lover if you wanna try this, try to visit there store in Robinson's Galleria ground floor besides Rob's super market.

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  1. taro red bean milk tea or taiwan mango qq for me!


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