Thursday, October 13, 2011

Food Trip : Bar-B King Charcoal Grilled Bbq

Sorry for being so MIA, just busy with beauty blogging and training. But i promise to post more and more food review, recipe and food hunt this month.

Before posting this review we already tried to eat here twice to see if the service and food has a difference on our 1st and & 2nd visit. Me and my partner loves  inihaw (grilled food) that's everytime our stomach ask for food we always ended up eating on a grilled restaurant and one of our mission is to taste all restaurant that serve grilled foods. And one of our list is the Bar-B-king.

We ate at Bar-b-king SM Megamall branch at the ground floor area. Will checking there menus outside the store, the crew approaches us right away with a friendly smile and ask if he can assist us. Well that's nice and it was on a weekdays that time that's why the place is not that too crowded and it's not yet lunch time. So checking on their price, so glad to see that it's wallet friendly.  So here's the food we've tried on there menu.

The pictures that you will see was taken on our 2nd visit.

Here's there Ensalada ( green mango, tomato, onion and fish paste ) and this is for Php.39.00 . The good thing about the mango that they serve is that its not too sour and they use white onion and it's not too smelly on your mouth.

I know this is too much but we are not aware that we both order an extra rice, because there allot of customer on this day and i ask my partner to look for a sit while i am ordering. And after order while waiting for the food, she grave for Ensalada and she wasn't aware that i order 1 extra rice for both of us that's why it was doubled. Sayang di naman naubos ( we didn't eat the other extra rice ) .

And this is my partners favorite and i she is not fond of eating seafood, but with there BAR-B Shrimp she really crave for more. For this meal this will cost you Php.135 and its already a value meal, java rice, side dish and drinks.

This is there famous LIEMPO KING and this one is affordable too, it is only Php105 value meal and the liempo is big and this is for 2 person already. And will gonna go back here again with some friends with me. For my friends abroad i will post more food trip, review and recipe for you and that is a promise.

If you are thinking if this is their only dish? you are wrong, they also serve soups and veggies and they even have desserts too. And for those who love unlimited rice you can have it by availing there RICE all you can value meal.

If you wanna check this out, you can go to mega mall and on there facebook page for more details.


  1. OH my word, this place looks amazing and the portions look awesome.. I love BBQ. It makes me miss summer already ^_~.

    Take care, Rosamond

  2. BBQ season is summer, Christmas and new year.

  3. the food looks amazing sis! thanks for the review! :D

  4. omg this is in megamall? i so want the shrimp bbq GULP! next time i shall envade this place :))
    thanks for sharing ;) i just followed you. i also blog about food

  5. Uu sa megamall siya.. thanks for following will follow you back. muah♥

  6. Sa fresh tomatoes pa lang, naglalaway na ako. :)

  7. Nakakapaglaway talaga. super. sarap!


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