Monday, October 31, 2011

Tealicious at Bubbatealicious

Like what i have told you guys, i love drinking milk tea this year, maybe because its in demand? Hihihi... Bubbatealicious is one of the my favorite and i never fail to buy their tea every time i visit SM Megamall .

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tea time at Chatime

Hello pips! Sorry for being so lazy posting again. Been busy with my work and been lazy taking pictures. But i already have a list of things to post for me to share it to you. But for the mean time let me just share to you my experience with Chatime while chillin.

Based on my knowledge CHA was derived in a word CHA (eat in chinese) and they attached it with the word TIME, chatime ( eating time? ) or CHATIME ( chaa in tagalog--(tea) time ) hihihi... i don't know. But for me that's the meaning when i first saw this store.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Food Trip : Bar-B King Charcoal Grilled Bbq

Sorry for being so MIA, just busy with beauty blogging and training. But i promise to post more and more food review, recipe and food hunt this month.

Before posting this review we already tried to eat here twice to see if the service and food has a difference on our 1st and & 2nd visit. Me and my partner loves  inihaw (grilled food) that's everytime our stomach ask for food we always ended up eating on a grilled restaurant and one of our mission is to taste all restaurant that serve grilled foods. And one of our list is the Bar-B-king.