Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Food Trip : Manang's Chicken

Manang's Chicken was first introduce to me by Che my friend in Meracato ( food market) at The Fort Taguig City. At first i thought that ti was just an ordinary crispy chicken, but i was wrong when i tasted it and that's why me and my partner search for the nearest store of Manang's right away, because we are craving for more. So we search the internet and look for there website or Facebook page and we found out that they have a nearest store in our place. So we visit there branch in AIC tower near Robinsons Galleria. Good thing it's Saturday morning and no long queue. So let me tell you why Manang's Chicken is the our mouth watering food for this month.

As you can see, i took a picture of there banner on how they cook there famous chicken. They make sure that there chicken is fresh and well certified by National Meat Inspection.  They double fry there chicken and remove excess oil which is a plus for me. They also use high-grade cholesterol free oil, which is good and they serve there famous sauce which make there chicken more delicious and of course recipe is a secret.

This is where they put there chicken on a meal Styrofoam which i think is more convenient for them not to wash plate and a easy to go process in any case customer just want to take it out with out finishing the food.

 This is how there chicken look like, so crispy and so saucy. You can choose different part of the chicken with rice or just chicken alone. There sauce is so tasty and you can choose whether you want the original, semi-spicy or super spicy and they will serve there chicken with a sesame seeds on it. So for those people who haven't tried this one, better taste it now, so you will knew what i am talking about. You can also check there Facebookpage : https://www.facebook.com/manangschicken . That's all guys. Hope you like it.


  1. uuuy this looks good ha! I've recently become a bonchon chicken convert, how does this compare??? :)

  2. can you please compare it to bonchon sis? this sounds like it's really good ha! =)

  3. Mas masarap siya sa Bonchon sis.

  4. This chicken is making me hungry...


  5. crazy! this post makes me want to skip my diet seriously and order like, 5 servings of these! i cant live without fried chicken so ugh, this is so mouthwatering...


  6. I know right... me as well can't focus on my diet

  7. it's good but i still prefer bonchon ;)


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