Friday, September 16, 2011

Food Review: Pichi pichi with cheese

Pichi pichi is one of Filipinos delicacies here in manila. This is compose of grated cassava, sugar and lye water. Pichi pichi texture is really soft,sticky and gelatinous.They just mix the ingredients and steam it. Most pichi pichi are coated with grated coconut and some times they add flavors on it, like pandan, pinipig etc. But now some one invented pichi pichi coated with cheese, i don't now who, but i like it.

Good thing my friend che brought us a special pichi - pichi made by Arny and Dadings store and they name Pichi - pichi as peachey - peachey a possible name of there mom or their daughter.

Arny and dadings also offers not only cheese coated pichi pichi but the orginal grated coconut too. As you can see they also have verities of flavors like pinipig and langka. I can't get over with this pichi - pichi , though its not the first time i tasted it, but the way they cooked it. Its very good.

The thing that i love about there pichi - pichi is the overloaded cheese. Yummy. I think this one is 16pcs, i can't remember how many pieces on one order but looking at this picture, it looks like 16 pcs.

Look at this soft gelatinous big cut pichy pichy. Can't wait to grab another one. Pichi pichi here in the Philippines is a desert can be serve for afternoon snack, occasions and you can give it as a gift too.

For more information just visit there branches and FB page too.
FB: Arny-Dadings Peachy Peachy

Gov. Pascual Ave. Malabon 
Tel no. 2819758, 2818164

Congressional Ave.QC:
Tel No. 4540883

Palanan Makati : 
Tel No. 729568

This post is not a paid review. I just want to share my experience on a great food that I've taste.

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  1. We're loyal AMber's lovers.. haha pichi-pichi with niyog! :D I have to try Arny & Dading's coz they said its good nga.


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