Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Smoked and dried fish with tomato ( Tinapa at daing with kamatis)

I am not here to show you how to make smoke and dried fish, but i am here to show one of Filipinos local dishes. Smoked fish and dried fish or tinapa and daing, there are the typical food for breakfast here in the Philippines. Smoke and dried fish has various of fish type. For smoke fish it has; galunggong ( mackarel scad ), bangus ( milk fish), Salinas & etc. For dried fish, it has allot and it's hard to tell. You can buy smoke and dried fish on local market, they sell it in packs or per gram. Let me show you our yummy break fast yesterday.

 That's the smoked and dried fish we ate yesterday. I took this picture while eating. Hehehe and for you to enjoy your meal, you should match it with this...

Chopped tomato with salt. Sawsawan or dip can be matched depending of the type of fish you are eating. Dips that we use for smoked and fried fish are; bagoong isda with vinegar ( shrimp paste with vinegar ), toyomansi or soysauce with calamansi and atchara  a filipino condiment. This dishes is good with hot fried garlic rice. :D I know most of us miss this especially those Filipino abroad. For those people who haven't tried this, ask your Filipino friends to bring you pasalubong like this before they come back from the Philippines so that you can try it. But better to have dried fish on the plane because it can't be spoiled easily. That's all guy. Have a yummy breakfast.


  1. hi sweethestia, we have dried fish in malaysia, but its salted..so that it lasts much longer.
    the fish you use is very familiar too, but we call them by different names

  2. Malaysia is just near Philippines and i think we have allot of similarities on our culture. Maybe that's why those fishes is familiar to you too.

  3. omgosh that fish looks SOOOO GOOD!!! i literally want to lick my computer screen hahah

  4. The dried fish looks delicious,I really enjoy that sometimes in cold days,homemade or in supermarket tans,there are so many fishes that  I taste them without recognize their names...

  5. Wow great blog hun!!!! You have a fabulous collection of foods/recipes!

    I'm following!

    xoxo Denise


  6. Thank you for following my dear, i love this blog, i can't wait to try some recipes! xX

  7. Thanks denide... will follow you back.


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