Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ginisang Gulay ( Saute Vegetable)

One of the healthiest and easiest variant to cook here in the Philippines is the saute vegetables. Saute vegetables can be mix with pork, beef, chicken and fish. The reason why i write this because it reminds me something on Ramadan, though i'm not a Muslim and it's a Ramadan month, it's just reminds me my old house mate anwar. He is  a pure Muslim and pork is a big NO NO on there religion, that's why we always cook vegetables, fish and beef. And the plain saute vegetables is one of our favorite, at least all of us can eat, share and match it with fried fish. Since we are no longer living on their apartment and we already have our own, we can now cook saute vegetable mix it with pork. You can choose Pechay ( chinese cabbage), Repolyo (Cabbage) Sayote ( Chayote )and mix it with ground pork, beef or small cut of pork or you can even use red sardines, and this is so Pinoy.

What you need: Cabbage chopped 2inch size, 1/4 pork, garlic, onion, salt, pepper and broth cube.

Directions: Medium pan, add oil, garlic and onion saute, then add pork until golden brown, then add cabbage, and saute until it's medium cook, add pepper and broth cube.  Add half cup of water and this is optional.

This food is always on my list weekly, because it's easy and budget friendly.


  1. I LOVEEEE sauteed cabbage especially with pork.. it's like one of my all time favorite things to eat :) we have a very similar dish in taiwan.. and they always serve it with your rice as a side dish whenever you order a meat entree!

  2. Wow, nice to hear that. Same here in the Philippines sometime we use this as the side dish.


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