Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surprise Birthday Party 2011

Last Sunday, i got this fun and super surprise party c/o of da.  I can't imagine the she will definitely gonna do that for me. I really got these teary eyes when i saw my surprise visitors and how special iam on my birthday. Those people that i am not expecting to be there really came to celebrate with me. Though there's only few food to share but still people came to see me and remind me how special i am and i really want to thank my partner of doing all of this. The cute part on my birthday is this cute cupcakes from Blushing Cupcakes.

Tags made by Dada

Blushing cupcake is not my sponsor, my partner just bought this in Libis, QC. I haven't taste all of it because they ate it al :((, but its ok. Atleast they enjoyed it. They said that it's yummy and they want to get more. Those tag that you are seeing right now was made by my partner not them and that's how artistic she is. It's an emotional bday for me. And i like to thanks my partner on doing this and i love her more because of this.


  1. Wow your partner is so sweet naman, you are lucky. I wish my husband was as sweet as that:)

    Belated happy birthday!!


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