Thursday, June 9, 2011

Papa John's Reviews

Papa Johns is a international pizza store and it was founded by John Schnatter in 1980's and now it's here in the Philippines. The good thing about Papa John's pizza is that what you can see on there menu is what you will really get.  We got a chance to eat on one of his store in megamall and we don't really care of the long ques.

As you can see once you enter there restaurant, you already have the menu on the front of you. So in case you were ask wait on the que, atleast you can provide them your order in advance and for them to serve it quickly once you're already on your seat.

Penne Arribiata Php. 142.86
Pasta Aribiata, you can choose if it's spaghetti or penne pasta. This pasta is good for 2 person only, though it's not that sour as i am expecting, but still it's a good pasta for us.

Baked BBQ Pork Ribs Php.169.64
This Baked BBQ Pork ribs is so good and it's doesn't even taste like bigby's and burgoos. The meat is so soft and it taste like it was grilled.

 9' Super Papa's Pizza Php.285
Yes, it is really a super papa's pizza because of it's topping, it's allot you can't even taste the crush because of the topping. This pizza have black olive, but we're given an option to replace it for mushroom. Yum yum....

As you can see we're given a green pepper for you pizza, if you want it to be super spicy and a butter garlic flavor for the crust, so that you can deep it. For your drinks you can choose whether bottomless or not. All in all is a two thumbs up for Papa john's Pizza and will definitely gonna go back here. Super yummy....


  1. wow you guys have papa john's restaurants in asia?! that is so neat!! haha i love papa john's pizza and i love the butter garlic sauce to dip the crust in.. yummm!!!

  2. @Lisa Yes we already have it here. I think since 2009. And yes the dip is so yummy. Thanks for your visit

  3. The pizza looks yummy...I guess I should try this one and with my two friends who happened has the same name with the would be awesome....Great review:)

  4. @SunnyToast That's funny. It will sounds like, you, john and ate at john's? Thanks for the visit.

  5. Papa John's is so good and I agree.. What you order is what you get :)

    I love the whole concept of your blog. I also do some reviews of restaurants around New York and other places I visit around the world. Check it out at:

    If your interested, we can follow each other... Enjoy your week!!

  6. @Señorita
    Thank you for the compliment. I will definitely follow your blog.

  7. shuxxx! u got food blog as well? hahah! lavett!
    u got twitter? let's tweet! join us for a mercato soon aite:))

  8. waaa there's no papa john's here in Cebu yet... and I was surprised at the Price, I really thought their food is expensive but it's actually affordable!

  9. the food looks delicious and now I'm craving pizza haha

  10. @wickeRmoss
    Sure thing lets tweet! Lets meet at mercato sometime.

  11. @Hollie Bago lang ang Papa John's here in the Philippines. Malay mo mag karon nadin sa cebu this year.

  12. That all looks so good! Nice pictures.

  13. been wanting to try that!

  14. Better try it sis... sarap ng pizza nila


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