Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surprise Birthday Party 2011

Last Sunday, i got this fun and super surprise party c/o of da.  I can't imagine the she will definitely gonna do that for me. I really got these teary eyes when i saw my surprise visitors and how special iam on my birthday. Those people that i am not expecting to be there really came to celebrate with me. Though there's only few food to share but still people came to see me and remind me how special i am and i really want to thank my partner of doing all of this. The cute part on my birthday is this cute cupcakes from Blushing Cupcakes.

Tags made by Dada

Blushing cupcake is not my sponsor, my partner just bought this in Libis, QC. I haven't taste all of it because they ate it al :((, but its ok. Atleast they enjoyed it. They said that it's yummy and they want to get more. Those tag that you are seeing right now was made by my partner not them and that's how artistic she is. It's an emotional bday for me. And i like to thanks my partner on doing this and i love her more because of this.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tapsi ni Vivian

There's allot of tapsihan here in the Philippines and most of it are just near in your place and maybe one of those is the tapsi of Vivian. Well, I don't personally know Vivian, i was just invited to eat here by my team mates since my colleague will pay some of our food and we will pay the excess. Hay... It's really a long way ride from home and we really need to ride a cab because this place is not located near highways. But it's ok, at least i got a chance to eat and have a taste test.. This branch is located in Project 3 Quezon City, but what i have heard is that, the most popular branch that they have is in Marikina. Ok, for those who don't know the meaning of TAPSI and BULALO. Just read this.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Papa John's Reviews

Papa Johns is a international pizza store and it was founded by John Schnatter in 1980's and now it's here in the Philippines. The good thing about Papa John's pizza is that what you can see on there menu is what you will really get.  We got a chance to eat on one of his store in megamall and we don't really care of the long ques.

As you can see once you enter there restaurant, you already have the menu on the front of you. So in case you were ask wait on the que, atleast you can provide them your order in advance and for them to serve it quickly once you're already on your seat.

Penne Arribiata Php. 142.86
Pasta Aribiata, you can choose if it's spaghetti or penne pasta. This pasta is good for 2 person only, though it's not that sour as i am expecting, but still it's a good pasta for us.

Baked BBQ Pork Ribs Php.169.64
This Baked BBQ Pork ribs is so good and it's doesn't even taste like bigby's and burgoos. The meat is so soft and it taste like it was grilled.

 9' Super Papa's Pizza Php.285
Yes, it is really a super papa's pizza because of it's topping, it's allot you can't even taste the crush because of the topping. This pizza have black olive, but we're given an option to replace it for mushroom. Yum yum....

As you can see we're given a green pepper for you pizza, if you want it to be super spicy and a butter garlic flavor for the crust, so that you can deep it. For your drinks you can choose whether bottomless or not. All in all is a two thumbs up for Papa john's Pizza and will definitely gonna go back here. Super yummy....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mouth watering lunch at Peri -peri

Yes and we have a mouth watering lunch at Peri-peri. This resto is located at the 2nd floor of SM Megamall between racks and tokyo cafe. Peri-peri means spices or pepper. But what i have know about peri-peri is a sauce in Africa. Anyway, this is the first time i tasted a different flavor and  i cannot explain how does it taste but it is so good. Let me share to you the pictures that we got use my samsung star phone.

Here is the spicy periperi chickne that we ordered. Thou it's not too spicy but it's yummy. I really forgot the price and the name of the dished. because this picture was taken 3 months ago. The good thing about peri peri is that they server there dishes on time and it's really a value for money on buying there food.

This dishes here is a combination of periperi chicken, ceasar salad and quesedillas. So there your go. Another yummy full tummy!!!