Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I miss Banchetto

In Ortigas Business Center, Pasig. It's already a tradition for a call center agent like me to go to banchetto every Saturday 12am, maybe because there's a lot of home cooked food and desserts available. But next week, no more banchetto.

Last friday is the last day of Banchetto and i don't know why. All i can see is there signage stating that it's there last day and the organizers are asking people to sign for petition to retain Banchetto every Friday. Hay...

The pictures that you will see below are the picture that I've taken last November 2010. I posted this pictures on my other blog. But i am posting it again.

In memory of Banchetto :(

As you can see there's allot of Filipino Dishes here in Banchetto. You can try different dishes every week .

 This Picture here is one of street food lover favorite. There's quek-quek, fried chicken skin and intestine. ( Mega Pose si ate!)

This is one of my favorite. Inihaw! How i miss, addidas, helmet and bitula ng baboy.

For this one, it's a different type of inihaw. Medyo sosyal ng onte.

This is the stall of SBARRO. There's a lot of well know resto, who selling there food in banchetto, there's dulcinea and alot more.

The last set of picture are the pastries and cake.

I will gonna miss Banchetto alot. I hope by next week they will be back.

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