Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant

Me and my partner are always on adventure for food. We like to try different dishes that we haven't tasted yet. We don't care whether it's cheap or not. But as long as its a value for money. One of the fine dining the we have tried is Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant who serves American dish that is close to Filipino taste.

 Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant is located at Altrium in Megamall, Mandaluyong. There prices ranges from Php.200 to 300 depending on there meal size. Though, it's kinda expensive, but it's all worth it. There servings are quite similar with burgoo, but of course burgoo has it's own taste.
So, here are the food that we eat.
Ranging Sausage Pasta
There Ranging Sausage Pasta has a sour taste and lot of sausage.I know i love red sauce pasta, but not for this one. No.

Rock-a-bye Baby
This is Bigby's best seller and I don't know why they call it as Rock-a-bye Baby. But for me it really taste yummy. My daughter who loves too eat, really gave up eating this.This is a two thumbs up for bigby's and the place is nice as well. I do recommend there steak. We might go back here to taste there other meals.

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