Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Longganisa breakfast reviews

Being on a grave yard shift, when you take your 1 hr break especially on 4am, you don't have any choice but to eat breakfast meals on fast food chains. ( i miss home cooked food on lunch time.) Anyway because there no other food available, for 2 consecutive days i tried longganisa breakfast of the 2 well knowned fast food chains. And i can really compare the difference and which breakfast that has  a Filipino taste. Here we go...

For this breakfast, what i only like is there fried egg. That's it. For there rice, i don't like it, because its kinda like a sticky rice.  and the longganisa it's like a stream longganisa. My rating from 1-10 is ( 4 ).

And this, it's very obvious where it came from. All in all rating, i love it! The rice is really a fried rice with garlic on it and the longganisa is really taste like lonnganisa, fried and well cooked and the oils are no longer there when they serve it. Rating : 10 for Jollibee Longganisa breakfast.

More reviews to come....
Happy eating...


  1. i love jollibee longganisa although we can buy something like it in the grocery so we just cook it at home. look for CDO Funtasyx longganisa :D

  2. Talaga? i will try it nga... thanks


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