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Home Made Dog Food

Hello, blogging world It's been a while... Ahaha Super lazy to post on my blogs. I've been busy with my dogs and work. And for my first ever post for 2018 Ahahah ( natatawa ako, first and last na ata to for this year.) I just want to share with you my homemade dog food recipe for my 2 cute doggies.

This is just a simple recipe and a money saver one. Imagine 1 can of dog food cost you like Php.90.00 and it is only good for 3  days. With this one, I can only spend Php. 200.00 and this will last for 1 week or more.

All you need to buy is Chicken breast, liver, squash and malunggay ( Moringa oleifera ) as per google and potato.  Just boiled the Chicken and liver first, make sure it's fully cooked until you see it's natural oil. Remove the chicken and liver then boil the potato then the squash and malunggay next.

Place them on a zip-lock or a small microwavable container and freeze it. Make your own food combination, Chicken-Liver, Chicken-Veggies or Chicken-Liver-Veggies. …

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